Daily Check In App for Seniors

There is now at least one app that will help keep seniors at home longer. I am no salesperson for this app; I am just an elder law attorney who hears too many sad stories of seniors who fall at home and aren’t found for days. It happens all the time!

I heard about it from a friend of mine who is in her 70’s and very active but she lives alone and worries about something happening to her and no one knowing for days on end.

She started using an app called SnugSafe. I was so intrigued I had to check it out. I know there are similar concepts out there but this one seems so easy and unoffensive to use. You just check in on your app daily. Or call. My friend says she has an alarm on her cell that she uses to remind her to check in. And if you don’t check in, the company starts looking for you, contacting your loved ones, etc.

There is a free version that will go as far as texting your loved ones when you don’t check in and a paid version ($99/year) that makes personal calls to everyone on your list and even calls protective services and sends them out looking for you if needed.

I like it!