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What Is My Fee?

20 years experience

Let Me Tell You Why I Offer Free Consultations

I would like to tell you, right now, what my fee would be to help you. But I don’t know. That is why I offer free consultations. It is a chance for you to determine if you are comfortable working with me and it is a chance for me to determine if I can be helpful for you. 

My hourly rate is $275.00 per hour, but I rarely charge clients this way. Most clients want to know what the fee is going to be ahead of time and I can’t know until I meet with you just how much of my time you will need.

At the end of the consultation, if you want to retain my services, it will be my goal to offer you a flat fee – you pay me an agreed upon amount ahead of time that I keep safely in my client trust account while the work gets done. Then you do not have to worry about whether you are going to be charged if you call me and I don’t have to worry if I do more research if you’ll have an issue paying me for it.