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Elder Law

Special Needs Planning

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Estate Planning

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Learn more about Stephanie’s Practice Areas to find out if she can provide the type of service you are looking for.


Estate Planning

I provide estate planning services tailer-made for your specific situation with the goal of being as cost effective and bombproof as possible.   

Elder Law

If you or a loved one is concerned about cost of long term care and how you will pay for it, then an experienced elder law attorney is going to be your most knowledgeable resource, whether elderly or not!

My grandmother’s journey through dementia and the decade of long term care she needed because of it is what inspired me to become an elder law attorney.

Practice Areas
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Special Needs Planning

Providing financially for a loved one with special needs can be problematic.  Will such funds impact your loved one’s public benefits?  Who will be in charge of the assets? 

I can help you navigate these issues.  Sometimes, I recommend Special Needs Trusts.  Such trusts fulfill two primary functions:  The first is to manage funds for someone who may not be able to do so himself or herself due to disability.  The second is to preserve the beneficiary’s eligibility for public benefits, whether that be Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), public housing, or any other program. 


Probate is a court process that includes reviewing the will and approving it, appointment of the executor, gathering assets, paying bills, distributing the remaining assets to named heirs, filing taxes of the estate and final accounting to the state of Kansas. The process is relatively simple, but these obligations are time-consuming. I can help you through this process.


Trust Administration

I provide advice to trustees who are administering trusts.  Trusts can be complex and often it is helpful to have someone in your corner helping you make sure things are done correctly.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

If a loved one is a danger to themselves or others, and someone needs to have control over the person and/or their finances to keep everyone safe, I can help.  

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I partner with my clients to understand their vision, objectives and goals to provide them with the best possible service.